3 Tips For A Dream Wedding On A Super Tight Budget

One of the biggest headaches that engaged couples face when they decide to tie the knot is finding the cash that they need to be able to cover the associated costs. The harsh reality is that weddings are definitely not cheap, so unless you have a lottery win this weekend, you and your partner are going to have to go over your finances with a fine-tooth comb to work out what’s possible.

This doesn’t mean though that you can’t have a day that’ll be remembered for years to come, for all the right reasons. A little creativity and careful money management can go a long way. Here are my best tips for a dream wedding on a super tight budget…

Consider taking out a loan

It’s never wise to take out a loan without giving it some careful thought. Similarly, it’s not sensible to get into the habit of borrowing money to cover everyday expenses. Your wedding doesn’t fall into this category though. It’s something that you’ll do just once (hopefully!), and so you may want to consider the pros and cons of taking out a loan from a reputable lender.

Check out various options from companies such as CashLady, and do your calculations. It may be the case that you can comfortably afford to take out a loan for your big day, without it having a detrimental impact on your finances in the longer term.

Be ruthless with your guest list

Be honest with yourself… Do you really want to invite those five cousins who you haven’t seen in over a decade, who you probably wouldn’t even recognise if you passed in the street? It’s all too easy to let your guest list spiral out of control, and this can be one of the most significant factors that will impact your wedding budget and send costs through the ceiling.

According to research, the average wedding in 2018 has 82 daytime guests. Bear in mind though that this is simply the average… Many people have way more guests, and many have way less. You need to get comfortable with the idea of doing what works for you and your partner, and not simply following the crowd when it comes to your wedding planning!

Instead of a gift, ask guests to contribute to the day

It’s an accepted tradition that guests will bring a gift with them. It’s perfectly acceptable to change things up slightly, and instead ask that they help out with your big day.┬áIt’s definitely worth noting here that there’s a classy and a not-so-classy way to do this. You might remember the story from the summer which involved a bride’s rant going viral when her guests refused to contribute $1,500 each to her party.

Instead of asking outright for cash, you might want to request that they play a role in the proceedings, that could in turn save you money. If your friend is an amateur photographer, they may be willing to take your pictures. If your aunt loves to bake, politely ask if she’d be happy to make your cake. In lots of cases, they’ll be honoured to be able to help.

Implement these tips, and your dream wedding doesn’t have to be out of your reach… Even if you’re on a super tight budget!


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