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My Top Tips For Finding The One By Online Dating

In days gone by, we’d all typically find the love of our lives through a friend of a friend, or a chance meeting in a local bar. Life was often lived much more slowly than it is right now, and it’s more than likely that your own parents met because they happened to cross paths in the most natural way possible, and things romantically unfurled from there.

Let’s be real here though… Today, things are different. I recently shared the story right here on King of Hearts about how I met my fiancĂ©, so you’ll know that I’ve got a lot to thank online dating for.

If you’re single and you’d rather not be, then this post is for you. Here are my top tips for maximising your chances of success when you’re using a Leeds dating site

Stop waiting for love to land in your lap, and start making things happen

Signing up for the dating site in the first place is often the hardest part. You might have been thinking about doing it for ages, but keep putting it off. Really, what’s important to remember here is that you have absolutely nothing at all to lose. The longer you wait, the longer you could find yourself spending your evenings alone, watching on with a secret feeling of jealously whilst all your friends get coupled up.

I’m not denying that signing up for dating sites in Leeds can feel like a big step, but don’t you think that’s it time that you decided to take your life back into your own hands? There’s something massively empowering about deciding to take action, and setting out to get what you really want.

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Drop your checklist of requirements

When I was growing up, I always imagined that one day I’d be a nurse, living in the countryside and driving a little retro car to work every day. Well, guess what? I never did join the medical profession, I’m now a city dweller, and that car is still something that’s on my wish list for the future. But still… I’m happy with how things turned out, and I’ve got a very fulfilling life that makes me very happy.

My point here is that we can’t always get too attached to how we think things should be. This is so true when it comes to finding someone to share your life with. Be open minded, and don’t go into the process with too many exact requirements in your mind. Ultimately, you could end up missing out on beautiful opportunities.

Don’t be scared to be the one who strikes up the conversation

It’s 2018. Women don’t have to wait for potential suitors to come knocking on our doors. If you sign up for senior dating, recognise the fact that you can do anything you want. If you see someone who you like the look of, send them a message introducing yourself and start the conversation.

I was the first one to reach out to my now fiancĂ©, and it’s safe to say that it turned out pretty well! We’re engaged to be married, and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring us.

Online dating can be a wonderful thing, and it could completely change your life for good. What’s stopping you from taking the leap?

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