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3 Things That My Dream Wedding Venue MUST Have!

When it comes to creating your perfect wedding day, your venue needs to be really high on your list of priorities. The ambience and the surroundings play such a huge role in making sure that getting hitched becomes one of your most treasured memories, and all engaged couples need to make sure that they really sit down and think carefully about what is most important to them.

It’s so important to note here that we all have different tastes and priorities, and what’s ideal for me might just simply not be your cup of tea. But that, really, is the whole point… You need to explore your own preferences, and know the factors that are completely non-negotiable for you, and you alone. (Well, and your groom too, obviously!)

In the run up to my big day, I created a list of things that I knew my wedding venue had to tick. Here’s what they were…


Okay, so of course your wedding day should be about celebrating your love, and sharing that special moment with your friends and family. But the reality here is that if your chosen venue can’t deliver really great service, or they’re just not suitably equipped to deal with large parties, your guests are probably going to end up being a little bit grumpy.

Drinks at the bar should be served swiftly and professionally. Food timings should be well coordinated, the dishes should come piping hot, and your loved ones should feel like they’re being appropriately looked after on your big day. When booking your venue, don’t be afraid to ask the organisers about how they make sure that they cover these bases.


Some brides love the idea of getting married amongst the hustle and bustle of city life. For me though, that was the complete opposite of what I wanted. I needed countryside. I needed nature. I needed the kind of venue that offered cosy seclusion, and the kind of privacy and quirkiness that you just can’t find in huge hotel chains.

For me, a country house was exactly what I wanted. Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire well and truly ticked all these boxes, and if you also dream of a country house wedding, it’s going to be right up your street. Click here to check it out.

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Trust me when I say that your wedding day can be really tiring, and sometimes even a little bit overwhelming. Though you’ll want to celebrate, dance, and enjoy the day with all your guests, you’ll also definitely want to have a little bit alone time with your new hubby. If your wedding venue has a luxury bridal suite for you to retreat to, it’ll make your day all the more special.

And of course, what could be better than waking up on your first full day as a married woman, in beautiful surroundings? Breakfast in bed is an added bonus here, and ideal served with a glass of bucks fizz!

What are the things that you know your dream wedding venue absolutely must have? If you need more inspiration, be sure to check out essential considerations for choosing your venue!


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