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Magical Date Night Ideas For The Festive Season

The run up to Christmas is one of the best possible times to get out there and enjoy a few date nights. With the temperatures dropping, the days becoming shorter, and there being a general feel of cosiness in the air, it’s the perfect opportunity to snuggle up and spend some time getting to know someone that little bit better.

Whether you’re engaged to be married and want to keep things exciting, or you’re single but you’ve signed up to a Bedfordshire dating site to try to find your special one, there are so many magical ideas for you to choose from. Here’s a selection of my all-time favourites…

Visit a Christmas market in your nearest town or city

Christmas markets have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and there’s no denying that they’re a pretty special way to spend a couple of hours. You can tuck into sweet treats like freshly roasted chestnuts, washed down with a spiced hot chocolate, or my personal favourite festive treat – a big mug full of steaming hot mulled wine!

If you’re signing up to dating sites in Bedfordshire and you want to have a few ideas up your sleeve that are a little more imaginative than just going for dinner and a drink, this is a fantastic option. It’s relaxed, there’s plenty of opportunity to chat, and of course you’ll be in a public place with plenty of other people around.

Hit local charity shops in search of outrageous Christmas jumpers

I absolutely love having a good old rummage through a charity shop. In my time, I’ve found everything from classy designer pieces for just a couple of pound, to outlandish homeware pieces that are so ugly that they’re totally endearing. If you want a date idea with a difference – as well as a big splash of fun – then set yourselves a budget, and a challenge to find the most ridiculous Christmas jumper out there.

Of course, if you’re brave, then you can wear your treasures to hit a local bar for a couple of festive drinks. If your date agrees to this idea, then you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ve found someone with a great sense of humour!


Go ice skating

I’ll be honest with you here… A few years ago, this one would have struck fear straight into me. No one wants to end up falling over when they’re trying to impress, right? But it can be really fun, and it’s definitely something a little bit different. Going ice skating with my fiancĂ© was one of the first things that I did after I’d met him after I signed up for dating sites, and it’s something that we try to do again every Christmastime.

Be sure to wrap up warm, and remember that you don’t need any special equipment or prior experience. Most rinks will be happy to loan you boots, and they’ll give you a quick lesson before you set off on your own.

Do you have any extra ideas that you’d add to this list?


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